Farm Crew




Farm Manager

Amber Reed

Amber’s love of farming started in West Virginia where food was a major part of family life. Everyone enjoyed gardening, chickens, cows, cooking, canning… and giving each other lots of advice. At seven she moved to the backwoods of Maine and lived off the grid. She spent 6 summers as a canoe guide in Maine, Minnesota, Quebec, and Labrador. At Bowdoin College, she majored in Environmental Studies and Visual Art and went on to teach public school before she found her calling as a farmer.

It all started with a two-year apprenticeship in Colorado with the Quivira Coalition. Quivira is non-profit that brings together ranchers, environmentalists and scientists to find innovative solutions – and to make progress for the sake of the land, the animals and the people on the land. This is what Amber is always working towards.

She loves animals and she loves the land, so setting up the pasture systems at the Farm at Woods Hill was a real pleasure. She also has a keen interest in orchards and perennials.

Amber and Sam with their dog Hazel spend their free time biking, hiking, and skiing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont. They are also fond of hunting for Chicken Mushrooms.


Assistant Farm Manager

Justin Smith

JustinJustin grew up in northern New Hampshire where he spent countless hours exploring the fields and forests surrounding his family farm. Searching under rocks and in the farm ponds looking for any number of elusive insects became his passion. This love of the natural world took him off to school in Nevada and later Washington State, eventually landing in a research position studying insect diversity at the University of Connecticut.

Inevitably, the call of wild New Hampshire brought Justin home. Like many great tales of catching the farming bug; it all began with a chicken! The chickens quickly turned into a couple of cattle, a few pigs and a mix of chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. Today Green Bough Farm is home to Highland Cattle, heritage pigs, and an array of fowl. Ecological farming practices and experimenting with silvopasture, stockpiling forage, and rotational pasture management have become his farming passions. Justin is actively involved in local forest and farm organizations, and has been awarded the conservationist award for Grafton County in 2011 and a New Hampshire Farm of Distinction award in 2013 for his efforts.

Together with his wife Carolyn and their two sons Harper and Finley, they live, work, and play in beautiful northern New Hampshire.


Farmer, Media Master, Lodge Keeper, Veggie Specialist

Chelsea McKean

farmwoodshill_fall2016_dsc_9462Chelsea grew up in Benton, a quaint village in the heart of the White Mountains. As a child you could find Chelsea running around barefoot, swimming in ponds, helping her parents on their homestead, fishing in the Wild Ammonoosuc, hiking Black Mountain, participating in 4-H, or anything else in the beautiful out-of-doors.

Chelsea studied Child Development and Psychology at Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire.  There in “Powers and its Possessors” class she realized how important it was to know where your food comes from and if your food is sustainably grown and supports the local community. This is when she truly became passionate about farming. While in school she participated in educational courses about farming, volunteered at local farms, and interned at a homeless shelter where she taught families about healthy eating.

Before working at the Farm at Woods Hill, Chelsea worked at Ski Hearth Farm in Sugar Hill, NH. She also taught at Woodland Community School’s Farm Camp for children.

When Chelsea is not out in the fields, you can find her hiking with her dog Preston, camping, skiing, climbing, foraging to make tinctures and salves, and throwing pottery.


Farmer, Cow Aficionado, Sterling Observer

Alyssa Jellison

farmwoodshill_fall2016_dsc_9872Alyssa and her family moved to Bath and started a farm when she was four years old. It didn’t take her long to fall in love with farming and with the animals of course.

When Alyssa turned six, her mom signed her up for 4-H club in town. She started by gardening, and then moved on to showing dairy cattle a few years later. Both of her younger sisters have followed in her footsteps by showing cattle for 4-H, but they show in the working steer category.

When Alyssa isn’t working at the Farm at Woods Hill, you can find her working on her home farm, practicing the trumpet, or playing basketball for Lisbon Regional School. She spends her fall and spring deer and turkey hunting with her dad, grandfather, and sister.

In the summer, she spends a lot of time working and showing dairy cattle at the local, state, and regional fairs. In 2015 Alyssa won first place in fitting and showmanship at Eastern States Exposition. She also was able to go to the National 4-H Dairy Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. In the future Alyssa is interested in studying to be a Veterinarian or running her own farm.


Farmer, Woodlot Extraordinaire and Keeper of the Grounds

Jared Smith

farmwoodshill_fall2016_dsc_9835Jared grew up in North Haverhill, NH on the family farm amid parents and grandparents who loved nature and loved living off the land. Working on Green Bough Farm, he spent his youth cutting wood, raising food, building things with his dad and enjoying the 3 White Mountain favorites: biking, hiking, and skiing.

At a young age, he developed a passion for working in the woods and on the land. Jared has a serious interest in art, stonework, and traveling. He also enjoys working with his brother Justin on the family farm where he built a small cabin in 2013. For fun, Jared likes to scope out and build new trails, and he likes to go on adventures in the White Mountains with Sarah and their pup, Fern.

Before working at the Farm at Woods Hill, Jared worked with troubled youth in outdoor settings including farm work and outdoor education. He has also been working part time at Rhino Bike Works in Plymouth for 10 years, and continues to work their every Monday. As an avid mountain biker and Cross-country cyclist, he likes to hit the trails on a daily basis even after a long day on the farm!


Farmer, Fruit and Berry Chief, Farrowing Virtuoso

Jessie Jellison

farmwoodshill_fall2016_dsc_9699Jessie grew up in Deerfield, NH exploring the woods and beaver ponds with her family. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Wildlife Management. She went on to work at NH Audubon, NH Fish and Game, and Squam Lake Science Center where she educated individuals and school groups about the natural world around us.

Jessie always wanted a farm but it wasn’t until she and her husband moved to Bath, NH with their oldest daughter that the dream finally became a reality. While raising their 3 daughters, Jessie instilled them with her love of animals and plants. As infants she took them in a backpack to work in a large greenhouse operation at the Piermont Plant Pantry. Today the Jellisons have a grassfed beef herd, pasture raised pigs with 10 or more litters each year, laying hens, and they produce over 150 gallons of maple syrup and thousands hay bales each summer. Her daughters are all active in 4 H. Alyssa shows Dairy cattle, Moriah works her 3-year-old steers, and Tori works her 1-year-old steers.

When Jessie isn’t working at the Farm at Woods Hill, she is usually busy with things at her home farm, following her daughters’ activities, playing in her flower and vegetable gardens, or exploring forest trails with her Belgian horses Dick and King.


Farmer, Perennial Professional, Quail Whisperer, Hide Hildebrand

Becca Hansen

farmwoodshill_fall2016_dsc_9472Becca grew up in Marlborough, Connecticut and spent most of her childhood climbing trees, reading books, and refusing to brush her hair. She always loved the outdoors and especially loved food, so it only seemed natural that after a few twists and turns in her life path she found her way to farming (and also, thankfully, to hair brushing).

Becca majored in Sustainable Food Systems with a minor in Draft Horse Management at Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont. There, she learned a few things about food and about horses, but mostly she learned that being outside, eating good food, and sharing the land with all different sorts of creatures are three things she always wants to be able to do.
Before working at the Farm at Woods Hill, Becca apprenticed at Oyster River Winegrowers, a horse-powered vineyard in Warren, Maine. In her free time, you can find her cooking, baking, and drinking wine with her cat Kipling.



Farmer, Clever Carpenter, Laconic Mechanic, Pig Partisan, Operator

James Cook

farmwoodshill_fall2016_dsc_9844James was born in Beverly, MA, but grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire where his family roots run deep. It was in these mountains and lakes that James developed his love for the outdoors. As a kid, summers were spent stomping around in the woods, swimming and sailing with his two brothers, while the winters revolved around skiing, skiing and skiing.

James attended high school and college in the Lakes Region before moving north to be closer to the mountains. He worked several season at Loon Mountain before becoming a social worker. He did social work for 17 years, and still worked part-time as a ski tech in the winter and a bike mechanic during the summer and fall.

James has always enjoyed working and playing outdoors. After moving on from social work, he worked for a season farming and building Nordic trails in Sugar Hill before finding his way to the Farm at Woods Hill. James currently lives in Franconia with his girlfriend Paula and Stella the dog.


Farmer, Bee Enthusiast, Eagle Eye, Mushroom Monitor

Skyler Cole

farmwoodshill_fall2016_dsc_9789Skyler was born in New Hampshire, but grew up on Cape Cod. He has a twin brother and another younger brother. As lads, these three boys were home schooled and spent most of their time skateboarding and surfing in all kinds of weather. Sometimes they were just occupied listening to audiobooks while painting and doing other manifestations of art, or they were practicing their circus act, literally! You could also find them taking on huge jumps with their Torpedo sleds and snowboards, or visiting family in North Carolina and other parts of New England.

The twins attended high school at a small charter school on Martha’s Vineyard; and despite the daily crossing of oceans, Skyler developed a keen interest in agriculture. And so, he spent a packed year at Sterling College, a school boasting of its agricultural department in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Then Skyler heard the call of practical experience, and followed it to Farm at Woods Hill in early September. He is especially interested in beekeeping and mushroom propagation. He lives on the farm with Becca and Kipling Kat, and he enjoys yoga and baking sourdough bread on his days off.