The Farm at Woods Hill

We built a farm that supplies pasture raised meats to our restaurant, Woods Hill Table in Concord, MA, which opened in March 2015. Our dedication to pasturing and humanly raising livestock and our sustainable farming practices are the root of our work here on the Farm at Woods Hill. This farm was originally started by the Woods family in 1794, we bought it in 2013, and we are pleased to continue the tradition of hill farming in New Hampshire.

Each year the Farm at Woods Hill produces 35+ beef cows, 90+ pigs, 3000 broilers, 300 laying hens, 25+ lambs, many pounds of blueberries, garlic, pumpkins, apples and other veggies each year for the restaurant. All of our animals are pastured and our pigs and chickens are fed Organic grain. We farrow hogs (have piglets!), and lamb here on the farm each spring, and we also brood (start with a chick) all of the chickens that we raise as broilers or layers. We keep at least 4 bee hives and we make 200 mushroom logs per year using 4 different types of mushrooms including: oyster, shiitake, lion’s mane, and maitake. We have planted extensive fruit bushes and trees and hope to some day have thriving fruit production.

Please come and visit the farm or stay at the lodge, just give us a call first. We hope to see you soon at the farm or at the restaurant!



289 Clough Road
Bath, NH 03740

Learn More about the Farm

The Farm at Woods Hill is a working farm.  Learn more about our back-to-basics operation and meet our Farmers

Stay at the Farm

The Lodge at Woods Hill is available for reservations.  Relax and enjoy all the area has to offer by staying at the Farm at Woods Hill!

Woods Hill Table

Our restaurant, Woods Hill Table, in Concord, Massachusetts is now open!  Please join us when you are in town!